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Date Particulars
15th June, 15th September, 15thJanuary, 15th March Advance Income Tax - for the year
15th July, 15th October, 15th January, 15th May TDS / TCS Quarterly return in 24Q / 26Q / 27Q / 27EQ (All in Electronic Form)
30th July, 30th October, 31st January, 30th June Issue of TDS Certificate Form 16A / 27D for the preceeding Quarter (Anually or 31st may incase of Form 16)
7th of every month TDS / TCS payment for the preceeding month (30th April with respect to TDS for the month of March)
Date Particulars
10th of every month i) Excise return(ER-1 for the preceeding month)
ii) ER-6 Monlhly return u/r 9A(3) of CCR, 2004
5th of every month (6th of every month if paid electronically) 1) Excise Duty of preceeding month ( for the month of March due date is 31st March)
Date Particulars
Half yearly Service Tax Return All Assessees, 25th of the every month by 25th of the month following the particular half year, except input service distributorcan file upto last day of following month
Other than Company - Pay Quarterly Same as above
Company - Pay Monthly, 5th or 6th of every month by 5th of next month or 6th of next month if deposited electronically by internet banking
except for the month/qtr ending 31st March upto 31st March
Date Particulars
20th of every month VAT Payment of the preceeding month
Date Particulars
25th of every month i) PF monthly returns for the proceeding month
ii) Generation of ESI Docket for the proceeding month
11th November, 11th May Half yearly ESI Return
30th April i) Annual PF return for the year ending 31st March
ii) ER-5 declaration u/r 9A(1)of CCR, 2004
15th of every month PF Payment ( excluding the 5 grace days allowed) for the preceeding month
21st of every month ESIC Payment for the proceeding month
End of the month Professional Tax payment for the preceeding month
30th November ER-4 Declaration u/r 12(2)(a) of CER, 2004 ( pertaining to Previous FY)

Applicability : ESI if Gross pay < = 15,000/- PF if basic salary < = 6,500/- Professional Tax if gross salary <= 3000/-

Note: Applicability of Professional Tax vary from one state to another state.